In the 80's the SQWSA found a home


In Fred Robins they found a coach who understood the game and his players enough to help them change football forever in Brisbane.

His place as Matildas coach of the Decade (79-89) is well earned. He was inducted into the FFA Hall of Fame in 2002.

Atlanta Field, Geebung

In 1977 Women’s Soccer Queensland (WSQ) struck out to attain a field.

Hamilton Junior Soccer Club sold their assets at Pinkenba to the WSQ for $400. The grounds and Clubhouse quickly became Headquarters, but Brisbane City Council leased the land to the local Labour Branch a year later.

Lord Mayor, Frank Sleeman offered WSQ Atlanta Field, Geebung instead. Plans were drawn up for football pitches, dressing rooms, equipment storage and a canteen.

The first steps were arduous, but Brisbane Women’s Football made it their home.

The City and State found its first indigenous player and Tiwiwarrin formed.

Leonie Young (nee Yow Yeh) started playing football in 1977. She was the first indigenous female to play in the Mitchelton Seniors, one of, if not, the first to play in the elite Brisbane Women’s competition, and the first indigenous woman to play for Queensland – she played between 1980 and 1983.

Alongside her Mum, Iris, Leonie was instrumental in bringing Tiwiwarrin, Brisbane’s first indigenous football team, into being.

They played as a club in City leagues for almost 20 years.

The Sun, 27 April 1988

The 1988 Women’s World Invitational Tournament, Taiwan

Prior to the Women’s World Cup (1991) and Women’s Olympic Football (1996), this Invitational was one of the most prestigious women’s football events in the world. Organised by the Chinese Taipei Football Association, the competition’s success put pressure on FIFA. Elaine Watson was instrumental in getting the Matildas into the tournament.

South Queensland State Team 1984

Queensland  Team

Brisbane Open Team 1986

Queensland Under 19 Darwin 1989

Key Figures in the 1980s

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