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Bob coached and managed the Annerley Women’s football teams from 1965 - 1979. He coached the State Open team in 1975 and held several roles at Annerley Soccer Club.

In 1977, he was presented with the first Life Membership of the South Queensland Women’s Soccer Association in recognition for his work.

Elaine Watson Brisbane Soccer

Elaine Watson

coach, manager, referee, president & Tea Maker

Keith coached Coalstars sides in Ipswich for 30 years. He coached the women’s teams (1968-1982), and Junior teams (1983-1990). He was a founding member of the SQWSA and responsible for Fixtures (1975-1983). Besides being the SQWSA Vice-President for 10 years (1976-1988) he grew the annual Gold Coast Football Carnival from 6 local teams in 1970 to 20 teams from across the State and New South Wales in 1985. His daughters, Gail and Michelle, played for Coalstars and State. Michelle also played for the Matildas.

Keith Barclay



Elaine Watson’s name is stitched into the fabric of Australian, Queensland and Brisbane Women’s football. She is openly revered by those who worked with her, highly respected by those who challenged her and deservedly credited for the development of women’s football in our Country. While not alone in realising the need for the formation of a more professionally minded organisation to support the game’s growth, she proved to be the driving force.

Australia’s first female referee and Australia’s first female President of a Football Association, she did everything from selling tea from the canteen to coordinating State Championships. She coached, managed and presided over the running and organisation of football at every level.

That Elaine is a Brisbane native saw the role the city played in the Australian women’s football come to the fore again.

coach, vice-president & generous, invested dad

Geraldine Harris

player, coach, president & film maker

When a friend brought Geraldine Harris to a game, she had no idea she would dedicate more than 50 years of her life to it. She started playing for the women’s team at aged 13 in 1963. And played for Budapest/Grovely, Pine Rivers, North Star and Brighton before she was banned for life in 1973. She disagreed with a referee (Yep, she didn’t strike him or swear or anything like that). She was pardoned in 1977, but her thoughts had turned to coaching and the politics of soccer by then. Including being President of the South Queensland Women’s Soccer Association (82-87) she played, coached, and managed football and guided the development of Atlanta Field. Gerry Harris is one of the key figures in the development of woman’s football in Brisbane and across the State.

Bob Geoghegan

coach, manager & generous, invested dad

Lyn Ketter

player, coach, vice-president & president

All 8 of the late Hazel Millman’s children played football, including, Jo and Kerry. When her husband Harry passed, Hazel took over his Canteen duties at Eastern Suburbs. In 1982, she began an 8 year spell with the SQWSA and was a keen supporter of the National Championships.

Hazel Millman

awesome mum, supporter & volunteer


Lyn Ketter was an integral part of Brisbane women’s football for longer than her husband, Guenter Pfuhl. The first woman in Australia to gain the ‘Level 2’ ASF Coaching Certificate at Tallebudgera in 1976, she was the only female in a group of 72 trainees. She returned in 1977 for the ‘Level 3’ ASF Certificate, a five-day course. Two days in, she was directed to leave the course by the National Director of Coaching, Eric Worthington, who cited that it was a FIFA rule that women could not participate on the field of play with men, even in a Coaching Course. He told her she could stay and watch from the sideline (even though she’d paid for the Course). She stepped away from the course, but not from football. A 13 year playing career overlapped with 15 years of coaching between 1977 and 1992. Lyn served as President of SQWSA (South Qld Women’s Soccer Assn) in 1988 & 1989 and wqas instrumenmtal in forming the full State association of WSQ (Women’s Soccer Qld), which she served as President from 1990 until 2004, when the FFA demanded the running of women’s football be placed under the governance of Football Queensland.

Arthur Watson

brilliant service for over 23 years


Arthur Watson’s service on the committee of the Brisbane Junior Soccer Association came in handy. Not least when he volunteered his wife, Elaine, to referee a difficult men’s match. He cooked for presentation nights and committees and started the Canteen at Geebung. Arthur served women’s football for over 23 years.

Joanne Millman

'in a class of her own'

Joanne won SQWSA Player of the Year twice (’85 and ’88). Only player ever. She played at Eastern Suburbs. Estimates of her matches played is the best we can do: between internationals, Nationals, State Championships and domestic competitions, it’s over 600. She was never subbed and is most commonly described as being in a class of her own.


Ted Wilcox

Groundskeeper, fan & dedicated soccer dad

Neither Coach nor manager, Ted Wilcox, Soccer Dad, took charge of the dirt patch called Atlanta Field, Geebung. He turned it into a football pitch worthy of those who graced it. Then he’d join his wife, Nell, in Arthur’s canteen. In all, Ted spent the best part of 10 years in service to women’s football.

Leonie Young (nee Yow Yeh) started playing in 1977. She credits Bert Fry (Mitchelton) for her ball control, movement and reading of the game. The speed was all her own. She was the first indigenous female to play in the Mitchelton Seniors, one of, if not, the first to play in the elite Brisbane Women’s competition, and the first indigenous woman to play for Queensland – she played between 1980 and 1983. Alongside her Mum, Iris, Leonie was instrumental in bringing Tiwiwarrin, Brisbane’s first indigenous football team, into being. They played as a club in City leagues for almost 20 years.

1st indigenous woman to play for queensland

Leonie Young

Fay Dower

manager, organiser & fixer


Fay Dower was the engine room of the SQWSA office for more than 10 years. She organised everything from referees to team travel. She rescued lost players from the Opera House, watched them breaking ice on Canberra pitches and dug the bus from a Hobart snowdrift. The obstacle didn’t matter, Fay always managed.

Guenter Pfuhl

coach & building the foundations

The late Guenter Pfuhl spent over 20 years coaching woman’s football. He started at Wynnum Wolves in 1975 before moving to Southside Eagles. Maybe it was the German history of the Club that drew him to it. He graduated to coaching first the City rep side and then State teams in 1980. Then in 1983 he brought his talents to State Junior and State Youth teams. Across nine seasons his teams won three national titles and three runners up awards. In 1993 he began coaching the State Open team, which he did until the end of 1996. He is fondly remembered by his players and highly regarded for his role in building the foundations for future Brisbane and Queensland teams.

Fred Robins

coach of the decade & hard task master


Fred Robins devoted most of his life to coaching. After passing the English FA Senior Award course in 1968 he emigrated to Brisbane. He’d coached men for over 10 years before Elaine talked him into joining the women’s game. Fred was ahead of his time, and completely changed the way women played and thought football, in Brisbane, across the State and Nationally. He coached Brisbane, State and the Australian women’s national team. His place as coach of the Decade (79-89) is well earned. A hard taskmaster, he instilled knowledge and fitness in his players. He was inducted into the FFA Hall of Fame in 2002.

Bringing through new players and making sure they fit well in the squad is a crucial part of the team’s continuing success and development. In 2007 the U17 Matildas were set up to ensure Australia continues to develop our local talent at the highest level.

Their Head Coach is none other than our very own, the super-talented Raeanne Dower. Throughout the 80s and 90s, she played her football in Brisbane, including representing the City and State. She is now an exceptional top-tier Coach with awards and even a couple of W-League titles on her shelf.

Raeanne Dower

super-talented player & coach

Kerry Millman

'one of brisbane's best' & registrar


Kerry won SQWSA Player of the Year (’84), played at Eastern Suburbs, played Nationals, State Championships and domestic competitions too. She made her presence felt on the football pitch across 8 international tours and was Registrar to the SWQSA for three years. Like her sister, she was one of Brisbane’s best.


Melissa Andreatta

Coach, assistant coach & teacher


Melissa Andreatta became Brisbane Roar’s coach in 2016. She’s also Assistant Coach of the Matildas. Even better still she’s a local. She began her playing career at Taringa Rovers, which quickly led to rep football for the City and State. Turning coach, she started at the Gap Football Club. She also coaches at Queensland’s National Training Centre (NTC), is heavily involved in State Team programs and, when she has time, teaches football at Cavendish Road Football School of Excellence.

Elaine Watson was the first female ref in Brisbane and Queensland. FFA Hall of Famer, Tammy Ogston, who reffed at the 2007 Women’s World Cup, is probably the most famous. They might be the only two refs in Brisbane who have given more to the profession than Lynda Arkinstall. After playing for 15 years, the poacher turned gamekeeper when she blew out her knee. She reffed and coached refs for over 20 years.

Lynda Arkinstall

poacher turned gamekeeper

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Elaine Watson Brisbane Soccer
Elaine Watson Brisbane Soccer